His Radiant Glory Prophetic Ministries
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Sharing the Glory of God in Song, Word and Deed.

Sharon Moyer

Introducing Sharon Moyer,

Prophetic teacher and founder of  His Radiant Glory Ministries.  Her ministry consists of 84 Holy Spirit Prophetic Booklets and 7 Books published by Glorybound Publishing.Sharon teaches Hebrew Dance Workshops and makes her song Cd Midnight Cry available. Sharon and Bob will be on speaking and booksigning          tour in Albuquerque, N.M. and Santa Fe, N.M. Aglows, Arkansas and Louisiana. April 6-18, Sharon's new book HIS RADIANT GLORY  was just released March 18 2011  through www.gloryboundpublishing.com  under CEO Sheri Hauser in Las Vegas.  

Robert MoyerMeet Bob Moyer
Robert Moyer was born in Oswego, NY on Nov.10th 1938. He celebrates his birthday with the U.S. Marine Corps which was founded on Nov. 10th 1775.
Robert enlisted in the Marine Corps on Nov. 10th 1955 and after finishing his time in service, retired in 1975. He is most happy to share the Bulldog as part of his logo with the US Marines as they use a similar Bull Dog as their mascot. Robert served at many places in the states as well as overseas. Robert whose nickname is “Bob” has performed over 200 weddings in Las Vegas. Bob has a colorful sense of humor and is fun to be with. Bob’s hobbies include writing, and doing projects on the computer. Be sure to check out his full length  book ‘Bulldog Faith’ which includes 7 of his booklets.

Robert and Sharon graduated from International Seminary in 1996. Robert served as principal of Echoes Christian Academy in Las Vegas Nv. In 2003.

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