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Sharing the Glory of God in Song, Word and Deed.

Sharon Moyer- Holy Spirit Booklets

61    Abiding in the Vine
40    Angels of the Harvest
75    Anointed for Miracles, Signs Wonders
14    Arise with Healing Wings
42    Behold He comes Riding on the Clouds
11    Beyond the Neon
1      Butterflies on Fire
73    Cast that Mountain into the Sea
70    Close Encounter with the King
84    Come into the King’s Chamber
48    Commune with the King
64    Cover the World with His Glory
57    Crimson Cross
58    Drawing Water from the Wells of Salvation
25    Dynamic Power of the Holy Spirit
15    Embrace His Face
82    Enthroned in His Reining Glory
28    Eternal Living Waters
72    Exalting the Holy Spirit
43    Freedom from Sin
59    Glory in the Wilderness
37    Glory on the Mountain
39    Has your Faith been Ship-wrecked?
50    Healing Streams
65    He has Chosen His Battle-Axe
20    He Pours His Anointing of Fresh Oil
30    His Blessings in Abundance
23    His Blood is an Everlasting Shield
63    His Name Says it All
27    His Precious Promises
33    Humility is the Key to Prosperity
78    It’s time to Run with the Vision
24    Keep Pressing for Your Blessing
6      Manifestations of His Visitation
35    Meditate on these Things
4      No Greater Love
8      Overflowing Joy
55    Passion for His Presence
47    Power in the Midnight Hour
80    Praise brings from Stress to Success
3      Praise Produces Power
83    Praises of the Butterfly
9      Praying the Heart of God
26    Praying in the Secret Place
36    Prophetic Dreams and Visions
60    Prophetic Praise and Worship
77    Prophetic Winds are Blowing
17    Reaching for His Destiny
38    Resurrection Power
71    Revelations of His Glory
18    Revival Fires are Burning
68    Revival is Arising on the Horizon
62    Ride the Wanes of the Holy Spirit
16    Shattering the Powers of Darkness
51    Soaring on the Winds of the Spirit
44    The Anointing breaks the Yokes
10    The Beauty of Holiness
56    The Bright and Morning Star
54    The End Time Dancing Warrior
46    The Fire and the Glory
79    The Flood Gates are Open
81    The Hammer that Breaks the Rock
53    The Hidden Remnant
22    The Latter Rains are Falling
49    The light that shines in the Darkness
19    The Lion Never Sleeps
31    The Mystery of Miracles
52    The New Wine of the Holy Spirit
74    The Radiance of His Splendour
66    The Rock, the Sword, and the Shield
76    The Sound of Mighty Thundering
34    The Sweet Fragrance of the Rose
41    The Transformed Heart
69    The Ultimate Power Source
12    The Unbreakable Rock
32    These are Prophetic Times
45    Touching the Hem of His Garment
13    Treasures out of Darkness
7      Unshakable Faith
2      Walking in the Realm of His Glory
21    When the Glory Falls
67    Where are the Watchmen on the Wall?
5      Where is the God of Elijah?
29    Worship Him in Spirit and Truth


1    His Radiant Glory
2    Explosive Prayer
3    Restoring the Tabernacle {of David}
4    Outpouring of Healing
5    Waves of the Holy Spirit
6    Jesus’ Blood is a Shield
7     Latter Rains of Glory

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Booklets by Robert Moyer

-1- Boundless Faith
-2- Getting Back on Track
-3- Uniqueness of the Royal Servant
-4- Preparation, Assurance and Victory
-5- Two Wood Carriers
-6- Unchained
-7-Servant Warrior
-8-Stepping into the Kingdom

Book: Bulldog Faith
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